Trending: Large Kitchen Island Designs Dominate the Modern Living Spaces

By Skitchens • Kitchen Cabinets • 29 Apr 2013

Large Kitchen Island Designs in High Demand

As Kitchens Evolve From Work Room to Living Space

The traditional view of the kitchen as a place of work seems to have changed over the past several years. It seems that the kitchen is integrating itself with the rest of the home as a place to not only prepare and cook the meals of the day, but to gather and socialize with family and friends. This has given rise to large kitchen islands that act not only as a work place for the culinary expert of the home, but as a place to dine, have a glass of wine with friends, check emails and help your kids with homework.

New trends in open floor plans that call for kitchen’s to seamlessly integrate with living rooms and other social areas are in high demand, and larger that life kitchen peninsulas and island designs are becoming increasingly popular.

This is an example from one of our client’s “larger than life” kitchen islands using Superior Kitchens Koki Cherry Cabinet:

Large kitchen island using cherry kitchen cabinets

Beautiful large kitchen island, featuring Koki Cherry Cabinets and Light Granite Countertops and a Cooktop Stove with a Hood.

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